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Welcome to VolunteerRescue

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Safety is the priority

search and rescue organizations' primary concern is the safety of both its' rescue volunteers and those it is assisting often in remote and harsh locations frequently exposing their search and rescue volunteers to risk.  To mitigate the risks asearch and rescue organization will need to

  • Provide and monitor training of its' volunteers
  • Purchase, inspect and maintain equipment both to protect its' volunteers and to facilitate safe access to remote locations
  • Risk assess their working environments at base and in the field for hazards and document
  • For all tasks record what worked and more importantly what didn't and the lessons learned

What does it cost

Whether a volunteer or professional organisation cost is always an issue therefore the service is being offered by donation to all organisations; that's correct, there are no set monthly or annual fees. We feel you will find the service that useful to your organisation you will be more than willing to donate either monthly or annually a fair and reasonable rate based on your usage in order to see the service continue to grow from strength to strength and as such each organisation can determine the value of the service to themselves.


Why VolunteerRescue

The lead architect and developer of the service has over 20 years experience designing, developing and supporting mission critical applications for the public sector and has drawn on this experience to create the Volunteer Rescue service. The idea came from his own need for such a service and uses the service daily for a Search and Rescue organization in British Columbia, Canada where he is a search manager.

What's in it for me

Collecting, filing and analyzing all information required to ensure safety is a time consuming task and as volunteers this is often at the expense of family and leisure time. Volunteer Rescue provides an electronic means to capture, store and analyze this information centrally and enables an organization to access this information using just an internet browser and internet connection.

This web site has been created by and is provided by VolunteerRescue of SKRPC Holdings Inc., Fernie, BC, Canada.